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The purpose of the Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment and Master Plan is to offer strategies and operational policies that provide guidance in order to meet the needs of current and future Oro Valley residents.

A consistent theme throughout the development of this plan is Oro Valley Parks and Recreation’s commitment to a quality parks and recreation system that delivers high-quality parks, trails and recreation programs, facilities, and events for all residents, while contributing to the quality of life of the Oro Valley.


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A Message from the Parks and Recreation Director

The Oro Valley Parks and Recreation vision statement is Inspire Connection through Recreation. You see, a strong parks and recreation system provides a variety of opportunities to connect people to each other, to nature, and to the community. It is through connection that immeasurable memories are made. How each of us connects is different based on a variety of factors: age, gender, background, abilities, interests, etc. Furthermore, the ways in which we connect often change over time. That is why it is important to take a look at future wants and needs as well as current ones. Looking down the road ensures we are developing and sustaining a strong parks and recreation system.

The department manages over 300 acres of park space, 54 miles of trail system, an outdoor aquatic center, historic Steam Pump Ranch, the community center and golf courses. Hundreds of recreation programs are offered annually from archery to Zumba. Programs span ages and interests to meet the recreational needs of our community. Additionally, the department offers several special events throughout the year. 

This year we will be working on a comprehensive, community-wide needs assessment and master plan with the goal of identifying the needs of current and future Oro Valley residents and their guests. This plan will be one that is not only visionary but also realistic. Those two words—visionary and realistic—don’t always co-exist; however, our contractor, PRO’s Consulting, has conducted hundreds of parks and recreation masterplans throughout the country and pride themselves on producing plans that can be implemented. How, you may ask? The answer is: data. This project will include hundreds and hundreds of data points that will be matched and cross-tabulated to get to the heart of what Oro Valley Parks and Recreation will be in five to 10 years down the road. 

Once all the information gathering is completed, a final report will be presented to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and Town Council, likely late April or early May. The next step is to develop the comprehensive Master Plan. Key to the plan is using all the data that is gathered to develop a strong system that our residents want, and a reasonable plan to bring that vision to fruition. The plan will include strategies and priorities for funding, program development, and strategic partnerships. As you may recall, Oro Valley Town Council made the decision to retain 36 holes of golf, and that decision will stand. Input will, however, be used to develop conceptual site plans for Naranja Park, James D. Kriegh Park, Riverfront Park, Steam Pump Ranch and the Community Center.

We’ve certainly got our work cut out for us, and there are many ingredients to making this happen. But remember: the most important ingredient in this plan is your participation!

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For information about Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Department please visit the official Parks and Recreation website.  This site is managed by Pro Consulting for the sole purpose of developing the Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment and Master Plan.


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